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Smart Card Chip Pre-Perso Machine/OS Loading Machine is for 6/8 pin reel chip OS loading(pre-personalization)。




*Card system: to control machine production.
*Card system data manager: integration support to enable users to interface directly with the machine to load jobs/data as well as get statistics from the machine.
*SDK, DLL (dynamic link library) are provided for users to develop their own card manufacturing software.
*SQL - data base.

*Throughput: 10, 000chips/Hour(80heads)

*Out-Line Dimension: 4000*800*1800mm


*Total Power: 3kw

*Machine can be equipped with 80, 100 or up to 120 encoders according to customer's demand and it also supports multiple readers.
*With multiple encoders, data writing top speed can reach 20,000 chips/h.
*Software system adopts open software structure, enjoying good augmentability. SDK, DLL and application interface can be provided for customer to develop their own data software.
*It is a mature product which can work 24*7 in stable performance.
*Machine is easy to operate and maintain.
*Chip feeding is realized by the accuracy gear conveyor.
*Error chip making up (replenishing).
*Wasted chip punching/marking.
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