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Mingsen UV laser marking machine is equipped with a UV laser with a cold light source. The lines of the marks are small, which is particularly suitable for the processing needs of high precision marking requirements. It is widely used in the logo pattern, text, number, two-dimensional code and barcode laser marking on electronic components, electrical products, integrated circuits, glass products, auto parts, plastic products, cables, hoses, and precision equipment products.



1. The UV laser marking machine can customize the online flight marking configuration according to customer requirements to meet the high-speed online marking requirements of the assembly line.


2. High performance ultraviolet laser (intracavity frequency doubling technology+TEC refrigeration technology) is adopted. The laser beam quality is superior, which brings high-quality marking effect to users. The ultraviolet laser belongs to the cold light source, and the heat affected zone is especially small when marking, which is more suitable for precision laser marking of materials that are sensitive to heat effects;


3. It can be equipped with a rotary worktable, which greatly shortens the processing time of a single workpiece. In the same unit time, the value gained by customers is multiplied;


4. The machine is equipped with a safety cover to avoid personal injury caused by the misoperation of the equipment operator and minimize the safety risk;


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