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Large/Medium Banking Card Personalization Machine is for the read & write of banking card, social security card and membership card, etc. and the personalization of chip as well as embossing and thermal transfer printing.


Machine stations/functions:

Card feeding magazine × 2: each with the capacity of 500 ISO card.
Double card detection × 1: to detect double card.
OCR detection × 1: to check card appearance.
Magnetic strip encoding (Rinas) x 1: magnetic stripe HICO/ LOCO encoding.

IC personalization barrel × 1: 32 contact encoding stations with Mingsen reader + 16 contactless encoding stations. For normal EMV IC encoding or Mifare/UL etc. encoding.

Cleaning × 1: to clean card's surface.  
Thermal printing × 2: to thermal print on card surface with single color.
Flip-over × 1: to flip over card.
Embossing and indent × 1~6: with standard letters, marks and numbers to emboss and indent.

Tipper × 1: to do gold, silver or other color tipping on embossed card.
OCR detection with flip-over × 1: to check card's two sides appearance.
ATR detection × 1: to check contact encoding result.
ATS detection × 1: to check contactless encoding result.
Reject box × 1: to collect rejected card.
Card loading conveyor ×2: to collect card horizontally.

Throughput 2500~3,000 cards/hourLarge Banking Card Personalization Machine                            

                       1500~2,000 cards/hourMedium Banking Card Personalization Machine

Standard card size85.6×54× (0.5-0.8) mm

Total Power6KW

Power SupplyAC 220V, 50/60Hz

Working temperature0 - 40ºC

  • Large/Medium Banking Card Personalization Machine is a large, professional and industrial IC card perso equipment which is applied to the personalization production of PBOC3.0 banking cards, social security cards and other cards (ISO7816, ISO14443, ISO15693 standard).
  • According to the production requirements, 8-64 contact or contactless processing stations, 1~2 sets of thermal transfer printer, 1~4 embossing and indent units and several OCR inspections are optional.
  • It can be upgraded, expanded, added or removed functions by its modular design and it supports background controlling, remote data loading, encryption, etc.
  • Fully electrical machine, no compressed air required.
  • The system is composed of three parts: mechanical configuration, electronic control and data processor. All of them with online security monitoring. SDK, DLL (dynamic link library) and application interface are provided for users to develop their own card manufacturing software.

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Address:Building 1-5, No. 500,Guangshan 1st Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

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